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We are a multi-genre, multi-media production company seeking to serve stories, encourage empathy, and excavate human truth.

Empty Stage

Our Dream

We aim to bring to life original stories that fulfill our mission of making humanity recognizable beyond bias.


We work across media, choosing to allow the stories we tell to determine the media in which they need to be shared: poetry, novels, short & feature-length films, and plays.



Part Butterfly, Part Hummingbird

Whole Stories

A "Colibrósa" defies definition.

Outcast yet divine. Small movements with big implications. Metamorphosing from humble beginnings.

The word “colibrósa” is a mixture of many histories that creates something new. Colibrósa speaks to liminality, to “too much” yet “not enough”. Like its founding members, Latinidad is a crucial and integral part of Colibrósa Productions’ identity, but does not constitute the whole. Colibrósa Productions is for those braving the harshness of winter & finding beauty in themselves. We are those who strive to take their story in their own hands, to find humanity both inside and outside of their reflection, and to create hope by connecting through the truths we all share.

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