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Previously Published

These poems have been previously published in literary magazines and anthologies.

"i split hairs of red and green wires, cutting through stereotypes with the tip of my tongue."

"use the crimson wrists they carved up as red herrings

to make me into the warrior i always wanted to be."

"my body remembers but my heart doesn’t."

"would that i were a fruiting body,

rather than a rotting one."

"me. string. disappearing act looking for the starting knot //"

"the birds know that cold shit ain’t right,"

"there’s an itch between my shoulder blades —
the hardest place to scratch."

how it unravels:

"me. string. disappearing act looking for the starting knot //"

"the crowd goes wild
when i lose track of my mind"

"I remember used."

"I. Unload the gun.

Point the mourning in a safe direction."

"i was firelight when i met you."

"i highlight the foreshadowing found in the hollow cheekbones of a lover
wasted away by apathy and addiction."

"no one knows the greek myth of Echo
whose namesake is forgotten because no one tells the story
of the girl who fell in love with Narcissus."

"let's take a trip down memory lane,
with benzodiazepine street signs marking our way."

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