Using dreamlike desert imagery of the American Southwest, reconquista explores themes of lost heritage, time as a colonial concept, Tejano culture, and mental health. reconquista explores an eternal unknowing, the grasping for history that no longer exists. Adame addresses her Spanish side as it invaded tribes in Texas-as-Mexico, & directly ponders the feeling of having little claim to ancestral tribes, having only stories that have been passed down in whispers. As a writer of Mexican-American descent, Adame aims to find a language that can capture her entirety. This is the mission of reconquista: reconquering history & language to form a new definition of self.


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  • Paperback Chapbook


    Poetry with graphite illustrations


    23 pages


    ISBN: 978-0-578-69877-9


    themes: southwest, tejano, mestiza, cultural heritage, mexican-american